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The law exists to protect us, not special interests, political parties, big corporations, or career politicians. As Attorney General, Sigal Chattah will fight every day to defend the rights, liberties, and freedoms of every Nevadan, their families, their small business, and more.

An Attorney General for all Nevadans

Sigal has seen what happens when Nevadans’ rights are not respected. She dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice on behalf of all Nevadans, demanding the rights of all people be protected. As Attorney General, Sigal Chattah will fight to protect Nevadans’ rights as she has for two decades – all Nevadans, regardless of wealth, gender, race, religion, or creed.

The Lawyer With The Experience We Need

Sigal has worked in Nevada for almost two decades as a defender of her clients’ rights. She has now undertaken the fight as Nevada’s foremost attorney on the front-lines, fighting in the courtroom to protect our rights under the Nevada and U.S. Constitutions.

In 2020, Sigal challenged Governor Steve Sisolak’s unconstitutional orders and, in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v. Sisolak, prevailed in the 9th Circuit U.S. Federal Court of Appeals, forcing Governor Sisolak to allow places of worship to have the same capacities as other businesses.

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The corrupt establishment politicians at the top only want one thing: Power. That’s why they want to mandate that you wear a mask everywhere you go, get a vaccine in order to work or go to school, and restrict your freedoms.

So what’s our job? We’re here to say no.

Sigal Chattah has almost 20 years of experience and a dedicated team behind her, but we cannot win this uphill fight without your support. We need you, and everything you do will help us move closer to victory on November 8, 2022. A vote for Sigal Chattah is a vote for the rule of law and a return to citizen-governance.

Join the fight. Defend Nevada.


Ty Trouten - Elko County Police Chief