Not Ready for Prime Time: “Tish the Squish” Fumbles on Nevada Newsmakers

 (Sigal Chattah) – Tisha Black, my GOP primary opponent in the Nevada attorney general’s race, just did her first interview with Sam Shad on Nevada Newsmakers.  And it did not go well; definitely not ready for prime time.

Right out of the gate, “Tish the Squish” demonstrated how she’s good at talking the talk, but not so great at walking the walk.  On the issue of taxes, she said…

“As a businesswoman of 25 years, I really understand how taxes and policies affect the bottom line, affects businesses and affects communities.”

Well, if she really understood how taxes affect businesses and Nevada citizens, she’d put her money where her mouth is and, as I have, sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to “oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

She hasn’t.  I wonder why not?

Then, after complaining about me getting so much attention over the past two years by successfully fighting Gov. Steve Sisolak’s shutdowns and COVID mandates, Shad asked if she’d be willing to come back on the show and debate me.

Tish was clearly uncomfortable answering the question, which she apparently was unprepared for.  After gently chiding Shad for asking her the question on-air, she responded, “Yes, I would.”  To which Shad responded, “OK, very good.”

But then “The Squish” immediately went squishy, adding: “Time permitting.”

Shad, a veteran at dealing with such equivocation from politicians, assured her he would “make the time for you, that’s for sure.”

And so will I!

Tish was then asked to detail the kinds of legal work she does as an attorney.  She rattled off some examples of contract law and regulatory cases she handles for businesses…but somehow managed to omit any mention of her work in the marijuana industry.

Shad caught her evasion and brought it up.

But in answering the pot question, Tish chose not to mention the fact that her family is DEEPLY invested in marijuana dispensaries and conveniently failed to note that, until she decided to jump into the AG’s race just two months ago, she was the president of the Nevada Dispensary Association.

That, of course, raises serious conflict-of-interest concerns.  No wonder she chose not to disclose it.

Tish then went on to make a rather bizarre claim about the illegal marijuana market in Nevada now that dispensaries are legal…

“Um, the black market has actually raised its prices and they’ve actually been advertising on billboards.”

Huh?  Illegal street dealers are advertising on billboards?  Seriously?

But if true (doubtful), why didn’t she do anything as president of the marijuana association to report those billboards and get them taken down?

On to Sisolak’s handling of COVID…

“The mask mandate, obviously, is something I have a problem with,” The Squish ventured.  “Uh, uh, and, and I, I guess, I don’t think that is, um, the place of government to be that intricately involved in this physicality.”

So…the government did it…she says she has a problem with it…but she didn’t DO anything about it.  “Thank you, sir.  May I have another?”

Shad then asked her about concerns Republicans have about her history of making substantial contributions to Democrats, and my reference to her as a “progressive plant” in this race.

“It’s ridiculous, because I’m a business person,” The Squish replied.  “As business people, you know, we, we, it’s not, it’s not unusual at all for business people to get to know their politicians by trying to make, you know, donations to them or, um, at least have a seat at the table when you’re trying to talk about policy or craft things, right? I, I think, that, the ‘progressive plant’ is, you know…I don’t even play in the sandbox. I’m not going to live in Sigal’s sandbox.”

Glad to see I’m living rent-free in her head!  But here’s the thing…

Tish maxed out to Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada’s 2016 U.S. Senate race ($5,000).  In that same race, she donated ZERO to the Republican candidate, then-Rep. Joe Heck.

Now bear in mind, this was an election in which The Cook Political Report, the Rothenberg Political Report and Real Clear Politics all listed the race as a “Toss Up” going into election day.

So if your excuse is that business people give donations to Democrats to “get to know their politicians” and “have a seat at the table,” why would you NOT also donate to the GOP candidate, a sitting member of Congress, who was running neck-and-neck with the Democrat in the race?

Also, in the 2012 race for Assembly District 37, Tish donated to the Democrat candidate, Marcus Conklin, but not the Republican candidate, Wes Duncan.

And in the 2014 race for Nevada attorney general, Tish donated to the Democrat candidate, Ross Miller, but not to GOP candidate Adam Laxalt.

Frankly, it’s Tisha’s excuse for donating to Democrats that’s “ridiculous.”

She didn’t donate to the Democrat candidates because it was a business decision and she was covering her bets.  It was because she preferred the liberal Democrat candidates over the conservative Republican ones.

She’s a “progressive plant.”  A trans-Republican (Democrat who “identifies” as a Republican).

But this last point is probably the thing GOP primary voters should be most concerned about…

When Shad pressed her on the fact that “politics ain’t beanbags” and questioned if she had the stomach for a tough race, Tish replied, “I’m no wilting lily.”

But earlier in the interview, when Shad asked what problems she had with Aaron Ford, Tish replied…

“Well, let’s…let’s be clear.  Um…I don’t…I’m not…I’m not going to be a nasty politician.  I don’t have any problems personally with Aaron Ford.”


I gotta tell you, I have a LOT of problems with Aaron Ford…

  • He defended Sisolak’s “Declaration of Emergency”
  • He defended Sisolak’s shutdown orders
  • He defended Sisolak’s mask mandates
  • He defended the Democrats unconstitutional tax hike in 2019
  • He supported the Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters
  • He supports soft-on-crime “social justice” reforms
  • He supports race-based discrimination/affirmative action
  • He supports illegal immigration
  • He supports abortion on demand
  • He supports gun control
  • He opposes the death penalty
  • He opposes school choice
  • He opposes election security reforms
  • He endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (look where that’s gotten us!)
  • And he plays the race card…every…chance…he…gets.

And Tisha doesn’t have any problems personally with that?!!

Look, I get it.  She’s sugar, she’s spice, she’s everything nice.  She’s blond, she’s cute, and at parties she’s a hoot.

But she’s not tough.  She’s not a fighter.  She’s afraid of confrontation.

Aaron Ford, who she has no problems with, would make mincemeat out of her in the general election.  She’ll go down faster than the Titanic.

If Republicans want someone who will play nice in the sandbox and give Ford another four years in office (leading up to his gubernatorial run in 2026), Tish is your gal.

If Republicans want someone not afraid to fight and scrap and slug it out against Ford and the still-remaining Harry Reid political machine, then I ask for your vote.

In the end…it’s your choice.


“Since (Tisha) Black announced her candidacy in February, (Sigal) Chattah has worked to assert herself as the true Republican. She’s called into question Black’s loyalty to the party via Twitter, calling her a ‘#DemPlant.’” – Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez, 5/15/22

“I’m not so much a party person as I am a ‘person’ person.  To me, the far right and the far left are the same. … You must always work to open the compromise door.” – Tish “The Squish” Black, MyVegas Magazine, April 2019

“Word on the [street] is that my opponent and her RINO (Republican in Name Only) team are telling Carson City lobbyists that I’m a ‘radical’ Republican. Not maxing out (in donations) to Harry Reid, Steve Sisolak and Catherine [Cortez] Masto doesn’t make me ‘radical’, it makes me a Republican. I question whether @TishaBlack is though.” – Sigal Chattah

Ms. Chattah is an Israeli-born Las Vegas attorney running for the Republican nomination for Nevada Attorney General


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