Sisolak: Make Cheating Easier, Catching Fraud Harder

(Sigal Chattah) – This morning, Democrat Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak wrote in an email…

“Nevada Republicans are pushing two ballot initiatives to roll back the right to vote!  If they get away with it, both in-person voting and mail-in voting would be harder.”

That’s just a flat-out lie.

The first initiative would simply require voters to present a photo ID before voting – just as people do now to cash a check, board a plane, buy a beer or rent a room on the Strip.

And the idea that “poor people” can’t get a photo ID is nothing but an old wives’ tale.  Special accommodations can and would be made for anyone who can’t afford a photo ID.

The second initiative simply repeals measures Democrats passed in the last legislative session that make it easier to cheat – automatic mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting.

Nevadans have always had the ability to vote-by-mail for any reason – or for no reason at all – by simply requesting an absentee ballot.  Democrats want to automatically mail ballots to people who don’t want one – unnecessarily raising the chances for voting fraud.

Ballot harvesting – or, more accurately, ballot trafficking – allows political operatives to collect ballots from vulnerable voters, especially senior citizens, and turn them in to the election office.

This practice is so ripe for potential fraud or intimidation that it was actually a FELONY until Democrats changed the law last year.

The truth is, it’s extremely easy and convenient to vote in Nevada.

Voters can vote on Election Day in person.  Voters can vote early at various “Early Voting” sites for two full weeks leading up to Election Day.  And voters who do not wish to vote in person can request a mail-in ballot.

Returning our voting options to the pre-COVID system wouldn’t make it harder to vote; it would make it harder to cheat.  And how could anyone other than a cheater support that?

Election security is critical to preserving the integrity of our constitutional republic.

That’s why I not only support both initiatives, but am also spearheading defending voter integrity by representing the sponsor of the initiatives against Hillary Clinton’s lawyers who have sued to chaotically destroy voter integrity in Nevada.

Meanwhile, the campaign consultants for my GOP primary opponent, Tisha Black, are the same consultants who were in charge of election security for the 2020 elections and blew it…big time.

Tish the Squish herself, as with other issues, has been invisible in this fight.  She hasn’t even talked about it, let alone done anything about it.

Republican primary voters have a clear choice in the GOP primary for Attorney General: Someone who’s been in the arena duking it out with Sisolak and the Dems or someone’s who’s been sitting in the peanut gallery watching the parade go by.

If you want a constitutionalist fighter in the AG’s office, rather than a spectating compromiser and appeaser, I’d appreciate your vote on June 14.


P.S.  A “push poll” is being circulated in Nevada via text messages on the Attorney General’s race.  It provides brief biographical information about me, Tisha Black and Democrat incumbent Aaron Ford.

But get this…

After reading through the bios, the push-poll the asks “if the election for Nevada Attorney General were today, for which candidate would you vote?”

The choices are “Tisha Black,” “Aaron Ford,” “None of these” or “Undecided.”

They don’t even include my name!

This push-poll is clearly being conducted by supporters of Tisha Black and you can bet they’ll eventually publish a report claiming she’s the best candidate to take on Ford…since no one was even able to choose me in the poll!

Talk about dishonest.

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Ms. Chattah is a Las Vegas-based attorney running for the 2022 Republican nomination for Nevada Attorney General.


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