Nevada GOP Endorsement for AG: “The Only True Republican in the Race”

(Sigal Chattah) – The following letter of endorsement was released yesterday by Chairman Michael McDonald and the Nevada Republican Party in the 2022 GOP primary for Attorney General…

Fellow Conservatives,

With three weeks left until the Nevada Primary Election, one of our most important races is Attorney General – Nevada’s Top Cop.

The Attorney General serves as the top law enforcement officer and chief legal counsel of the state.

There is only one candidate endorsed by the Nevada Republican Party and law enforcement agencies throughout the state – Sigal Chattah.

Sigal Chattah has been fighting for Nevadans since day one, suing and winning in court against Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Aaron Ford’s radical policies, lockdowns, and incoherent mandates.

In fact, Sigal challenged Governor Sisolak’s unconstitutional orders, in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain V Sisolak, and prevailed in the 9th Circuit United States Court of Appeals, forcing Governor Sisolak to reopen places of worship just in time for Christmas.

As mask mandates in Nevada continued, Sigal filed a lawsuit against Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Aaron Ford to unmask our children. But that’s not all…

Sigal also stood with the hard-working men and women of Nevada, suing Sisolak and Ford on behalf of small businesses when Sisolak and Ford shut them down as nonessential.

Most recently, Sigal Chattah led pro bono work on behalf of Repair the Vote PAC to preserve voter integrity throughout Nevada and to get Voter ID on the ballot.

Her only opponent in the race, Tisha Black, sat on the sidelines over the years, donating and supporting Democrats such as Harry Reid, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Governor Sisolak over Republicans.

She has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats over the years. Tisha donated to Governor Sisolak during the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns to keep her recreational marijuana stores open as an essential business when your small business or workplace were shut down.

The last two Republicans who were on the ballot for Nevada Attorney General were Wes Duncan and Adam Laxalt.

In that election, Tisha Black donated and supported Democrat Marcus Conklin over Republican Wes Duncan. In the 2014 Attorney General Race, Tisha Black donated $5,000 to Democrat Ross Miller over Republican Adam Laxalt.

From our point of view, the choice is clear. We must have Republican fighters in our Constitutional offices.

Sigal Chattah is a proven fighter and will always defend the rule of law. Sigal has been endorsed by law enforcement and the Nevada GOP receiving 91.2% of the support, the highest of any candidate.

To learn more visit  If you can chip in today to help Sigal’s campaign, every dollar helps to pay for Get-Out-The-Vote efforts.

We do know times are tough and Bidenflation is hitting everyone.  If you can’t chip in, can you forward this email to two Nevada Republicans so they know to support the only true Republican in the race?

Sigal 4 All!

– Nevada Republican Party

And here’s another endorsement message from Steve Grammas, President of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, “the largest police union in the state,” released yesterday…

“Sigal has been behind us well before she decided to run for AG (attorney general).  As a normal citizen, with no aspirations of politics, she supported every political event we held during 2020 trying to get people like April Becker, Jill Dickman and others elected to state government.  Sigal always had our backs and that is why our Alliance has endorsed Sigal for AG.  Please support your law enforcement officers and vote for Sigal.”

Mail-in ballots are scheduled to drop today.  Early voting begins on Saturday.  Election Day is Tuesday, June 14.  I hope I’ve earned your vote!



“Primary elections are more important than anything right now. It doesn’t matter if you simply elect a Republican. It’s about what type of Republican. Go out and vote for people who will put America first.” – Greg Price, XStrategies

“Conservatives need to unite behind the most effective anti-Republican-establishment candidate.” – Veteran conservative strategist Richard Viguerie

Sigal Chattah immigrated to Las Vegas from Israel with her family at the age of 14 and has been practicing law for nearly 20 years in Southern Nevada. Chattah prevailed in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v. Sisolak at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allowing places of worship to reopen just before Christmas. She also sued and won against Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Ford in a class-action lawsuit on behalf of senior citizens reducing the age of vaccination prioritization down to 65. Chattah is a Republican running for Nevada Attorney General.


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