Welcome to Tisha Black’s Fantasy Island

(Sigal Chattah)Dana Gentry of the Nevada Current did a write-up last week on my Republican primary race for Attorney General vs. moderate, Establishment-backed Tisha Black.

In her opening paragraph, Ms. Gentry wrote that I want to “imprison women who have abortions.”  That’s simply not true…as even Ms. Gentry acknowledged later in her column…

“Chattah did not respond to questions about whether she would seek to imprison women who abort their pregnancies at an earlier stage.”

Meaning before a heartbeat is detected.

And that question has already been answered by Nevadans themselves, who passed a ballot question in 1990 enshrining abortion rights in state law that can only be changed, constitutionally, by the people themselves, not the Legislature.

That was over 30 years ago.  Technology has changed.  Public opinion has changed.  And if Nevadans want to change the law with a “heartbeat” ballot question similar to what Texas has passed, I’m all for it.

Tisha, on the other hand, who was described as pro-choice in a magazine profile a couple years ago, told the Current that “she would not seek changes to abortion law.”

She also said she “does not oppose background checks” and is not advocating to “make it easier to get a gun” – which should be of great concern to embattled gun rights supporters.

Tish also got tripped up by a question about “cancel” culture when asked why those who call for boycotts and protests against those the left disagrees with aren’t entitled to free speech rights as well.

“Move on,” she snapped.  “I don’t know why you’re trying to get me with that stuff here.”

Yes, understanding constitutional rights can be confusing for some who only think about them when they’re running for office.

And that includes the 6th Amendment right to legal counsel for those accused of a crime – a right personified by founding father John Adams who defended the British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre.

But my favorite line in the column was this…

“…Tisha Black, a business attorney who denies, despite evidence, that she contributed in 2015 to Steve Sisolak, a Democrat then seeking reelection to the Clark County Commission.”

When asked about all her donations to Democrats over the years during our debate on Nevada Newsmakers, Tish the Squish said…

“That is a straight up lie.  I have never given Steve Sisolak a dime in my life.”

When Ms. Gentry challenged her about that claim and brought the receipt…

“’I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ Black said during a phone interview of the contribution the bears her name, albeit misspelled, as well as her address.”

I guess technically Tish is correct.  She didn’t give Sisolak “a dime.”

She gave him 10,000 dimes!

And her family’s marijuana business – for which she’s a board member and lobbyist – gave Sisolak another $30,000 – including $10,000 in 2020 when Sisolak ran against Republican Adam Laxalt for governor, and another $10,000 to help pay for his inaugural ball in 2021.

THAT’S why I refer to her as a “Democrat plant.”

And I’ll close with this…

In an email to her supporters today, Tish claimed that I’ve spent my legal career “disregarding the law and undermining law enforcement.”

She wishes.

The fact is, I’ve been endorsed by the Police Safety Alliance of Nevada – “an organization representing nearly 100 law enforcement organizations and 10,000 officers throughout Nevada” – as well as the Las Vegas Police Protective Association.

Cops aren’t in the habit of endorsing candidates who don’t “back the blue.”  I back them and they’re backing me.  That’s a fact.

Tish’s claim is a fantasy.  She’s just making stuff up as she goes along because she’s so far in over her head running for this seat.

She’s a moderate, pro-choice “Republican” who’s gone through a “campaign conversion” engineered by her handlers who are now trying to pawn her off as a “conservative” in this primary.

Don’t be fooled.


“In general elections you vote for a party.  In primary elections you vote for a person.” – Rep. Tom Massie (R-KY)

“Conservatives need to unite behind the most effective anti-Republican establishment candidate.” – Veteran conservative strategist Richard Viguerie

“Primary elections are more important than anything right now. It doesn’t matter if you simply elect a Republican. It’s about what type of Republican. Go out and vote for people who will put America first.” – Greg Price, XStrategies

Sigal Chattah immigrated to Las Vegas from Israel with her family at the age of 14 and has been practicing law for nearly 20 years in Southern Nevada. Chattah prevailed in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v. Sisolak at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allowing places of worship to reopen just before Christmas. She also sued and won against Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Ford in a class-action lawsuit on behalf of senior citizens reducing the age of vaccination prioritization down to 65. Chattah is a Republican running for Nevada Attorney General. For more information, please visit www.SigalChattah.com.


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