BREAKING: AG Candidate Facing Multi-Million Dollar “Legal Malpractice” Lawsuit

BREAKING: AG Candidate Facing Multi-Million Dollar “Legal Malpractice” Lawsuit

(Sigal Chattah) – In her effort to help re-elect Democrat Attorney General Aaron Ford, my Republican primary opponent, Tisha Black, has launched a series of attacks against my efforts to stop Gov. Steve Sisolak’s mask and vax mandates, referring to them as “shoddy legal work.”

Let me help her out here since she and her dumpster-diving campaign team apparently don’t read newspapers…

  • “In May 2020, Sigal Chattah, who’s running for attorney general as a Republican, sued Gov. Steve Sisolak over his decision to close churches. That lawsuit was successful after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Sisolak.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/18/21
  • “Chattah is well-known in Nevada for her prominence as a lawyer in a range of actions against the state’s anti-COVID restrictions. Most notably, in the 9th Circuit, the most liberal federal court of appeals, she helped overturn the state’s ban on gatherings over 50 in houses of worship.” – Times of Israel, 12/19/21

On the other hand, Tisha herself is facing a multi-million dollar “legal malpractice” lawsuit – over $3 million and scheduled to be heard later this fall – in which Tisha and her law firm, Black & LoBello, are accused of “negligence.”

She’s being sued by a former client, Dr. James Vahey, over a fraudulent real estate deal involving a scam artist who served “a 51-month sentence in federal prison after pleading guilty to wire fraud and tax fraud.”

And the accusations against Tisha are jaw-dropping.

For example, Dr. Vahey alleged that his signature had been forged on certain documents.  However, according to the lawsuit, Tisha “failed to ever retain a handwriting expert,” so “there was no evidence to support” his claim.

Getting an expert witness to support a claim is something even a first-year law student understands.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Here’s a laundry list of additional allegations Dr. Vahey has filed against Tisha and her law firm…

  • Failing to bring all valid claims against the parties who ripped off Dr. Vahey
  • Failing to sue all parties responsible for the damages Dr. Vahey suffered
  • Failing to allege claims on behalf of Dr. Vahey
  • Assigning a multitude of junior attorneys to work on Dr. Vahey’s case, which led to duplication of efforts, unnecessary costs and fees, and pursuit of poor case strategies
  • Alleging meritless claims that caused Dr. Vahey to incur additional unnecessary costs, expenses and fees
  • Attempting to fix her mistakes and other poor legal decisions which caused Dr. Vahey to incur unnecessary costs, expenses and/or fees to save the doctor’s claims from being dismissed by the court
  • Failing to conduct sufficient discovery investigations, which hampered Dr. Vahey’s ability to prove his claims
  • Failing to appeal the court orders and judgments entered against Dr. Vahey

Bottom line…

“Each of the Vahey Parties suffered actual loss or damages as a result of Defendents’ negligence.  Black & LoBello is liable for the acts and omissions of its partner, Tisha Black, who in turn is responsible for the acts and omissions of the associate attorneys who worked on the Vahey Parties’ matters at Black & LoBello.”

Now THAT’S “shoddy legal work”!

Imagine putting someone like this in charge of managing and overseeing the 100+ lawyers working in the Attorney General’s office on behalf of Nevadans.

What could go wrong?


P.S.   Not only does Tish the Squish have a history of donating big bucks to Democrats such as Harry Reid and Steve Sisolak, but she’s been out on the campaign trail touting support for and from Democrats and liberal Republicans.

And she just did it again!

On Tuesday she celebrated being endorsed by Nevada State Sen. Joe Hardy, who enjoys the distinction of being the only Republican in office who can boast of voting for BOTH of the largest tax hikes in state history – in 2003 and in 2015.

As veteran conservative strategist and author Richard Viguerie says, “Who you walk with says much about who you are.”

Tisha Black does NOT walk with conservatives.  She’s an incompetent liberal plant in this race.

Sigal Chattah immigrated to Las Vegas from Israel with her family at the age of 14 and has been practicing law for nearly 20 years in Southern Nevada. Chattah prevailed in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v. Sisolak at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allowing places of worship to reopen just before Christmas. She also sued and won against Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Ford in a class-action lawsuit on behalf of senior citizens reducing the age of vaccination prioritization down to 65. Chattah is a Republican running for Nevada Attorney General.  For more information, please visit