Here’s the First Step to Turning Nevada “Red”

Here’s the First Step to Turning Nevada “Red”

(Sigal Chattah) – Jesse Kelly, conservative host of the nationally syndicated “The Jesse Kelly Show,” wrote on Twitter recently…

“PRO TIP: That primary you’re ignoring is more important than the November election you’re looking forward to.”

He’s right.  Because as the saying goes, it’s not enough to simply elect more Republicans; we need to elect better ones as well.

Remember Brian Sandoval?

In 2009, conservative Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons vetoed a $781 million tax hike.  Big Government Republicans weren’t amused.  So they recruited Sandoval to challenge Gibbons in the 2010 GOP primary.

Sandoval went on to shove the largest tax hike in state history down our throats.

Chapter 21 of conservative strategist Richard Viguerie’s book, “Takeover,” is titled: “It’s the Primaries Stupid!”  In it he wrote…

“Until we conservatives control the Republican Party and nominate conservative candidates who will actually FIGHT for and govern according to the conservative principles the party stands for, there will be no coherent alternative to the Democrats’ Big Government worldview presented to the voters…

“We can go back through election after election and discern a pattern where Big Government progressive Republicans fought conservatives as hard as or harder in the primaries than they fought the Democrats in the general election.”

Well, here they go again.

I’ve made no secret in my campaign for Nevada Attorney General that I’m a constitutional conservative.  And I’ve made no secret that I’m a fighter in the arena, not a fan in the stands.

But that’s not what establishment Republicans in the Carson City “swamp” want.

They want a “Gumby” they can bend and shape and control.

So they went out and recruited Tisha Black – a self-described “moderate” Republican with a history of donating big money to Democrats over the years – including Harry Reid and Steve Sisolak – to run against me in the primary.

If “Tish the Squish” becomes the Republican nominee, she’ll barely put up a fight against Democrat incumbent Attorney General Aaron Ford.  She’ll be the Washington Generals vs. the Harlem Globetrotters.

Here’s why…

  • She didn’t fight against the Sisolak Shutdown
  • She didn’t fight against the Sisolak mask mandates
  • She didn’t fight against the Sisolak vaccine mandates
  • She didn’t fight to reopen our schools, churches and businesses
  • She didn’t fight to open the Legislature to Nevada’s citizens last year
  • She didn’t fight against mail-in voting or ballot harvesting
  • She hasn’t fought for parental rights
  • She hasn’t fought against Critical Race Theory
  • She hasn’t fought against boys competing in girls’ sports
  • She hasn’t fought against soft-on-crime “social justice warriors”
  • She hasn’t fought against illegal immigration
  • She hasn’t fought for gun rights
  • She hasn’t fought against government and Big Tech censorship

Simply put, The Squish is not a fighter – unless it’s fighting against competitors to her family’s marijuana dispensary business!

She goes along to get along – which is exactly what the GOP insiders, deal-makers and power-brokers want.

She doesn’t have titanium for a spine.  She has oatmeal.

Early and mail-in voting continues.  Election Day is next Tuesday.  So the time for choosing is upon us.

Who do you want representing you as Nevada’s “top cop”?  A bold color, as Ronald Reagan once put it, or a pale pastel?

The choice isn’t black or white.  It’s Black or Chattah.

You’ll make that decision in the GOP primary.  And I ask for your vote.



“You need to elect people that aren’t just going to tell you what you want to hear.  Because every single person that runs as a Republican in these primaries, they all say the same thing.  And yet so many of these Republicans, when they get into office, they don’t do anything.” – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

“Primary elections are more important than anything right now. It doesn’t matter if you simply elect a Republican. It’s about what type of Republican. Go out and vote for people who will put America first.” – Greg Price, XStrategies