Clarification on Nevada Law and the Abortion Question

Clarification on Nevada Law and the Abortion Question

(Sigal Chattah) – In a recent debate with Tisha Black, my GOP primary opponent in the Nevada attorney general’s race, a question came up on how Nevada might be affected if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion.

My response was that a ballot referendum passed by Nevada voters in 1990 “made it very clear that the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy is embedded in our constitution” – and Ms. Black agreed.

The legal aspects of this question are actually more complicated than that and my answer was a little confusing.  So let me clarify…

On May 3, 1973 – in response to the Roe decision – the Nevada Legislature passed a bill, which became state law (NRS 442.250), that required all abortions in the state be performed by a doctor and within 24 weeks of the pregnancy.

Since the Legislature approved the state’s abortion law, the Legislature had the power to amend it, and minor changes to the law were made by the Legislature in 1975, 1977, 1981 and 1985.

This worried the pro-abortion crowd, fearing the law could be repealed if Republicans gained control of the Legislature.

So in 1990 they gathered enough signatures to put a “referendum” on the ballot – Question 7 (I mistakenly referred to it as Question 3 in the debate) – that would constitutionally protect Nevada’s abortion LAW, not abortion itself.

It passed with over 60% of the vote.  And according to Article 19, Section 1, Paragraph 3 of the Nevada Constitution, that law can no longer be changed or repealed “except by the direct vote of the people.”

So to be clear…

Question 7 didn’t embed the right to terminate a pregnancy in the Constitution.  And it didn’t embed the Nevada law protecting the right to terminate a pregnancy in the Constitution.  What it did was constitutionally prohibit the Legislature from changing the law.

In hindsight, I should have been clearer on that point in my answer to the debate question.  I know some will think it’s a difference without a distinction, but I wanted to clarify what I meant from a legal perspective.

And to wrap this up, let me mention another legal aspect related to Roe v. Wade which the pro-abortion crowd conveniently overlooks…

The Supreme Court ruled that an “abortion performed before ‘quickening’ – the first recognizable movement of the fetus in utero, appearing usually from the 16th to the 18th week of pregnancy – was not an indictable offense.”

“Quickening” isn’t a term you usually hear when discussing abortion, and isn’t generally understood by the non-legal community.  So for the layman, a “quick child” is an unborn child whose heart is beating and is moving in the womb.

And that begins WELL BEFORE 24 WEEKS.

Bottom Line:  My position is the same as that of Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain, author of the Texas heartbeat bill (HB 1500) that was passed two years ago…

“If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.”

Tish the Squish Goes Squishy (Again)

During the debate, we were also both asked if we would, as Attorney General, stand up to Gov. Sisolak’s abuse of power should he be re-elected.  Ray Hagar of the Nevada Appeal reported on the responses…

“Chattah has already shown to be a strong challenger to Sisolak, leading lawsuits against Sisolak’s COVID response…  Black said she would try to work with Sisolak, if he was re-elected.” 

“If he exercised abusive powers, as we have seen, then I would definitely put him in his place and engage in whatever procedures I can,” Chattah said.

“It is not productive for Nevada to spend four years bludgeoning somebody,” Black said.

I don’t call her “Tish the Squish” for nothing.


“In the 1960s when abortion was still illegal, I witnessed, as an OB/GYN resident, the abortion of a fetus that weighed approximately 2 pounds. It was placed in a bucket, crying and struggling to breathe, and the medical personnel pretended not to notice. Soon the crying stopped. This harrowing event forced me to think more seriously about this important issue. … I’ve never understood how killing a human being, albeit a small one in a special place, is portrayed as a precious right.” – Former Congressman Ron Paul

Sigal Chattah immigrated to Las Vegas from Israel with her family at the age of 14 and has been practicing law for nearly 20 years in Southern Nevada. Chattah prevailed in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v. Sisolak at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allowing places of worship to reopen just before Christmas. She also sued and won against Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Ford in a class-action lawsuit on behalf of senior citizens reducing the age of vaccination prioritization down to 65. Chattah is a Republican running for Nevada Attorney General.

Aaron Ford: The Most Anti-Cop AG Nevada Has Ever Seen

Aaron Ford: The Most Anti-Cop AG Nevada Has Ever Seen

(Sigal Chattah) – A memory that is etched in Americans’ minds and will never be forgotten are those images of NYPD police officers and first responders on that tragic day of Sept. 11, 2001. At that time, police officers were regaled as heroes and the undying gratitude towards our cops seemed to last forever.

In just under two decades, our brave police officers went from heroes to villains to prey, resulting in a catastrophic breakdown of civilized society and public safety. When did our country turn its back on our police officers and why? How did they go from heroes to prey in two fast decades?

The villainization of law enforcement is nothing new in the United States. Those of us old enough to remember recall the grotesque lyrics of NWA in a song “F— tha Police.” The culture and technology were different then. In the ’90s these lyrics were seen as an anomaly resting in the deep hearts of inner-city youth and part of a culture of gangs, drive-bys and drug trade in large metropolitan cities.

Two decades later, at the height of the Obama administration, a new vitriol was born against law enforcement. Cases like Michael Brown, Eric Garner and George Floyd swept the nation with slogans like “hands up, don’t shoot,” “I can’t breathe” and “no justice, no peace.” Alas, the Black Lives Matter movement with an ax to grind against law enforcement was born to change the trajectory of American culture.

This time, it was different. It was different than riots in South Central Los Angeles. It was different from protesting Rodney King police brutality. It was different because with added instant technology, it shook the nation and permeated into Wall Street, academia, major league sports — everywhere. It changed the culture of our country.

Companies trading on Wall Street quickly implemented economic and social responsibility policies and leaped into diversity, equity and inclusion protocols. Law enforcement became villainized, and Hollywood and the NFL followed Wall Street’s lead and took notice.

A new “woke” America was emerging as statues were being torn down, history was being erased on college campuses — and the coup de grace was the assassination of American law enforcement. A natural result of this assassination lies in legislation and recalibration of the criminal justice system in America as a whole.

Newly established “progressive justice” policies in criminal justice such as bail reform, decriminalization and defunding law enforcement seeks to reduce criminal recidivism through alternative methodologies such as mental health diversionary programs, youth offender diversionary programs, safe injection sites, etc.

This “progressive justice” also seeks to not only defund the police, but limit use of force, tamper with qualified immunity and essentially strip the importance and utility of law enforcement in our country.

Nevada lays victim to this trend and Attorney General Aaron Ford has joined forces with these anti-law enforcement movement and spearheaded a series of legislative acts participating in this warpath against Nevada’s law enforcement. While the attorney general in Nevada enjoys concurrent jurisdiction with the district attorneys of our state, and serves as the top prosecutor in the state, in an unprecedented move, he has been the most hostile attorney general to law enforcement that Nevada has ever seen.

When the top cop is more interested in stifling and oversight of our law enforcement and limiting use of force, our law enforcement loses its purpose. This hostility towards law enforcement must end so that Nevadans can feel safe.

Nevada’s law enforcement deserves to be regaled as heroes once again, as they did two decades ago. Nevada’s law enforcement needs to be protected as they were two decades ago, for what they do, is a selfless protection of the public. Nevada needs a top cop that is willing to understand it, encourage it and cherish it. I am proud to be endorsed by law enforcement leaders across our state and endorsed by the Public Safety Alliance of Nevada representing 10,000 law enforcement officers in Nevada and I look forward to seeing them on my statewide top cop tour that begins this week.

Sigal Chattah immigrated to Las Vegas from Israel with her family at the age of 14 and has been practicing law for nearly 20 years in Southern Nevada. Chattah prevailed in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v. Sisolak at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allowing places of worship to reopen just before Christmas. She also sued and won against Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Ford in a class-action lawsuit on behalf of senior citizens reducing the age of vaccination prioritization down to 65. Chattah is a Republican running for Nevada Attorney General.

TRUTH SQUAD: Meet a Real-Life Liberal Black Snowflake

TRUTH SQUAD: Meet a Real-Life Liberal Black Snowflake

(Sigal Chattah) – The campaign being waged by Tisha Black – my GOP primary opponent in the Nevada attorney general’s race – is showing voters that she’s a liberal snowflake whose skin is so thin you can see through it.

In our campaign, all I’ve done is simply point out facts…

  • The fact that she’s donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats over the years – including Steve Sisolak, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto and Harry Reid.

  • The fact that she self-described as a “moderate” before deciding to run for AG, saying principled conservatives and liberals “are the same” to her.
  • The fact that she said, “I don’t have any problems personally with Aaron Ford.” (It’s on tape)

  • The fact that according to an article published by MyVegas Magazine, she’s pro-choice on abortion and “believes in women’s right to choose.”
  • The fact that she refuses to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to “oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.”
  • The fact that her primary legal focus has been “helping businesses apply for licenses to sell marijuana,” not fighting Sisolak’s dictatorial, one-man-rule mandates.
  • The fact that she was put into the race and is being backed by the RINO (Republican in Name Only) Establishment of power-brokers, consultants, lobbyists and special interests.
  • The fact that she’s campaigning like a Democrat, including misrepresenting facts and throwing out untrue allegations of “racism.”

But Tisha is not someone who takes criticism very well.

In an exclusive Nevada Globe story on the race and my new TV ad, her political handler shot this angry response to editor Megan Barth…

“Sigal Chattah is lying. Tisha Black has never given a dime to Steve Sisolak.”

Note, he didn’t say Tish the Squish had never given money to Reid and Cortez Masto and a bunch of other Democrats.  That’s because she did.  Personally.  Under her own name.

Regardless, it’s technically true that “Tisha Black” never gave a dime to Steve Sisolak.


According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s website, “Trisha R. Black Chernine” – located at the same address as Tisha Black’s law firm – personally gave Sisolak $1,000 in 2015.

I guess her handler doesn’t think it counts if she gives the money to Democrats under her former married name.

As for other Sisolak donations – totaling $30,000 – she played the old Carson City Establishment’s game of making those through her family’s business, Clear River LLC.

Clear River is a recreational marijuana business, managed by her father, and for which she is a full-blown, registered Board Member…

Now, knowing Tish’s affinity for Democrats, and her consultant’s affinity for using seedy Democrat tactics, I’m guessing she’s gonna try to “pull a Biden” and claim she didn’t know anything about her father’s business dealings.

And if you buy that one, I have a beach house in Tonopah to sell you real cheap!

(I wonder if she’s left any laptops at Rick Harrison’s pawn shop?)

But back to Tisha’s meltdown in the Globe story.  She told Ms. Barth…

“Sigal is delusional, and so is her ad. She’s a DUI lawyer, and not even a good one.”

Yes, I’ve handled DUI cases.  And like ANY lawyer – other than Denny “Never Lost, Never Will” Crane on the television show Boston Legal – sometimes you win; sometimes you don’t.

But all she had to do was look on my law firm’s website to see that I also deal in Family Law, Business Law, Tenant Law, Personal Injury Law and Criminal Law.

As for her little “and not even a good one” schoolyard taunt…

At least I’m not facing a $3.5 million malpractice lawsuit like the one she’s facing from a former client!

More on that another time.

Tish then flat-out lied about a high-profile HOA (home owners association) criminal case I was involved in a few years ago, writing…

“The judge in that case said (Chattah) ‘Either shows an utter lack of understanding for the law, or she’s trying to intimidate the association and homeowners.’”

That statement was NOT made by the judge.  That statement came from opposing counsel (not “council,” as she writes it).  You could look it up.

Tish is also claiming I was “investigated by the FBI” in that case.

But she’s confusing me (confusion seems to be her natural state) with another attorney in the case, Keith Gregory, “who according to prosecutors, was secretly on Benzer’s payroll while providing legal advice to Vistana and Sunset Cliffs as their general counsel.”

If Tish had actually read the media reports on the case, she would have seen that I was actually “among the government’s trial WITNESSES (my emphasis).”

The bottom line is that Tisha Black – a contract lawyer, and not even a good one if the allegations in the malpractice lawsuit against her prove true – has a problem with lawyers who represent individuals accused of a crime in high-profile cases.

You know who else represented the accused in a high-profile case?

John Adams.

The second President of the United States actually represented the British soldiers who were accused of killing American colonists in the Boston Massacre.

Adams, the Constitutional Rights Foundation reports, “believed that it was vital that the British soldiers and their captain receive fair trials” and that “the cause for self-government would be damaged if Boston justice turned out to be little more than lynch law.”

I’m with John Adams.

Tish is with Joe Biden.

And Harry Reid.

And Steve Sisolak.

And Catherine Cortez Masto.

And Aaron Ford.

“As Nevadans learn more about her shady past, I trust they’ll have an easy decision to make in the voting booth.”

And then our little Black snowflake can have her final meltdown.

Hope we all don’t drown in her liberal tears!


“Chattah has gained popularity among Republican activists for her lawsuits challenging decisions from Gov. Steve Sisolak’s administration regarding the state’s vaccine rollout, occupancy limits in churches amid the pandemic and restrictions to the legislative building during last year’s session.” – Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez, Nevada Independent

Ms. Chattah is an Israeli-born Las Vegas attorney running for the Republican nomination for Nevada Attorney General

Two Big Pieces of Cheerful News

Two Big Pieces of Cheerful News

(Sigal Chattah) – A lot has happened over the past few days, and I wanted to share with you two big developments…

1.)  First, and contrary to some inaccurate media reports, Repair the Vote PAC – which I represented pro bono (free) – actually WON in one of the two lawsuits filed by Democrats to block the organization’s election security ballot initiatives.

The judge in the case related to photo ID simply ordered that the “Description of Effect” be changed.  He also provided us with the acceptable language.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that all the signatures the PAC had already collected cannot be used. They have to start from scratch with the new language.  But the effort CAN move forward – though the deadline for submitting signatures in late June is coming up fast.

2.)  Secondly – and I am so proud of this one – the delegates at Saturday’s convention of the Nevada Republican Party honored me with 91.2% of the vote in their endorsement decision.

Not only was I officially endorsed in the GOP primary for attorney general, my vote percentage was the highest of any candidate for any race in Nevada this election cycle.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And with that said, I’m off to slay some more dragons.  See you on the campaign trail.


P.S.  Our two new campaign commercials went up this morning.  I’ve posted both on Twitter.  You can watch them by clicking here.


“Conservatives need to unite behind the most effective anti-Republican establishment candidate.” – Veteran conservative strategist Richard Viguerie

As Birthday Presents Go, This One Takes the Cake!

As Birthday Presents Go, This One Takes the Cake!

(Sigal Chattah) – Today’s the 47th anniversary of the day I came kicking and screaming into this world.

And what a birthday present I got this morning when I read that Liberty Watch Magazine – “The Gold Standard of Conservatism” – had endorsed me in the Republican primary for the Nevada attorney general’s race!

In case you’re not a subscriber, here’s what LWM wrote…


This one’s a no-brainer.  When Gov. Steve Sisolak shut the state down in March 2020, Sigal Chattah, as a private attorney, began suing his administration and challenging the constitutionality of a number of its “emergency” declarations.

She and her co-counsel in the suits, Joey Gilbert (candidate for governor), successfully forced Sisolak and the current Attorney General, Democrat Aaron Ford, to fully reopen Nevada’s churches ten days before Christmas that year.

She then successfully forced Sisolak to administer the limited number of early COVID vaccines in 2021 to high-risk populations before young, healthy government workers, and sued the Clark County school district over its mask mandate for students.

Sigal is also representing, pro bono (free), Repair the Vote PAC, an organization being sued by Democrats who are trying to block a pair of election security ballot initiatives.

The Republican establishment recruited in February a last-minute, moderate Republican primary opponent, Tisha Black, who they can control.

Black got crushed in her race for county commissioner in 2018, and then dropped off the radar screen politically, devoting her time and attention instead to legal matters related to her family’s marijuana dispensary business. 

Over the years, she’s also donated heavily to Democrats such as Harry Reid, Catherine Cortez Masto and even Gov. Sisolak.

Sigal is an experienced constitutional conservative who has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.  And that’s important when you consider the fact that AG Ford unsuccessfully went to court to DEFEND a pair of tax hikes passed by Democrats without the required 2/3 super-majority.

Black has refused to sign the Tax Pledge and is only now speaking up on important issues – but not actually doing anything about them – out of pure political opportunism and in a vendetta against a true constitutional conservative and fighter.

This one’s a no-brainer.  Liberty Watch endorses Sigal Chattah for Attorney General.

What a way to start a birthday!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

But this race is far from over.

The movers and shakers and political king-makers in the Republican Establishment, along with a number of deep-pocketed Sisolak mega-donors, have ponied up big time to fund Tisha’s campaign against me.

So instead of buying me dinner, jewelry, flowers, chocolates, a waffle iron – or even a new Zev Tech OZ9c Elite Pistol with the X Grip, Compact FDE Slide, Black Barrel and Trijicon RM06 Optic – if you want really make this a day to celebrate…

Please consider making a $47 dollar donation – or whatever amount you find comfortable – to my campaign so we have the funding needed to win this race and beat the Carson City power-brokers in June.


That would be the best birthday present I could possibly get!



“Conservatives need to unite behind the most effective anti-Republican establishment candidate.” – Veteran conservative strategist Richard Viguerie

Ms. Chattah is an Israeli-born Las Vegas attorney running for the Republican nomination for Nevada Attorney General

Nevada Court Clash over Voter ID Next Week

Nevada Court Clash over Voter ID Next Week

(Sigal Chattah) – A recent Monmouth poll showed that 80 percent of people support requiring voters to show some kind of voter ID before voting, including 91 percent of Republicans, 87 percent of independents and 62 percent of Democrats.

Currently, 36 states have some form of voter ID law.  Nevada isn’t one of them…yet.

Repair the Vote PAC has submitted a citizens’ initiative to institute such a requirement in Nevada and is in the process of gathering enough signatures to place it on the ballot in November.

But Democrats, desperate to keep it easier to cheat, have sued to block the initiative.  The first hearing is scheduled for next week in Carson City.

I’ve volunteered, pro bono (free), to defend the initiative for Repair the Vote.  And for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been buried in research and writing the court briefs between campaign stops.


My GOP primary opponent, Tisha Black – who’s been missing in action during the last two years of political war over Gov. Steve Sisolak’s abuse of “emergency” powers – is doing her part on this critical issue…

Posing for photo ops.

While my nose was buried in law books preparing our case last weekend, Tish put down her cotton candy long enough to stop by the Repair the Vote booth at the Clark County Fair in Logandale and snapped a Polaroid for social media.

This is the difference between talking about an issue of concern to voters and actually doing something about it.  It’s also par for Tisha’s course.

On her campaign website, Tish writes that she understands “the wide spread damage caused by mask mandates” and claims she’ll “put parents concerns and children’s right to learn ahead of cruel political mandates.”

Tough talk.  But no action.  Or as they say in Texas, all hat and no cattle.

For the last two years, I’ve successfully fought Sisolak and his Attorney General, Aaron Ford, in court over those “cruel political mandates.”

We succeeded in forcing them to fully reopen our churches 10 days before Christmas in 2020, forced them to administer the COVID vaccine to high-risk citizens before giving it to young, healthy government workers in 2021, and have an open case pending on the mask mandates for kids in schools.

And I’m now fighting for election security.

As Lt. Sam Weinberg said in the movie A Few Good Men, it’s the difference between paper law and trial law.

Anyone can say and write anything.  And Tish is very good at saying and writing what she thinks people want to hear.

But when the rubber meets the road, there’s a big difference between talking big and actually going to court to fight on your behalf.

If Republicans want to nominate a candidate who looks sweet, takes great selfies and talks a good game but never actually plays, Tisha Black’s your gal.

But if you want a candidate who’s already been suiting up and slugging it out on the field with those on the left intent on stripping you of your constitutional rights, then I ask for your vote on June 14th.


P.S. Lest ye think I’m exaggerating about Tish being a photo-op queen and “Democrat plant,” here’s a recent photo she posted on social media…

For those who may not have long memories or suffer the occasional “Biden moment,” Mr. Mack is a former Democrat city councilman in Las Vegas who was forced out of office for ethical violations.

Here’s how Damon Hodge of Las Vegas Weekly detailed his transgressions back in 2004…

“Accepting money from one car-dealership owner while voting to deny a competitor’s application. Criminal charges. Curious business ventures, including a consulting company whose associates and clients have remained secret. A curious business alliance with one of the mayor’s sons. Hired to represent a strip club in the city’s jurisdiction. Using City Hall to promote family interests. His name surfaced in the G-Sting political corruption probe.”

If you’re known by the company your keep, Tisha Black certainly runs with some strange company.  Doesn’t she know any ethical REPUBLICAN business owners she could pose with?

But again, this is par for Tisha’s course.

Over the years, she’s been a generous donor to various Democrat candidates – including Sen. Harry Reid, Gov. Steve Sisolak and Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto – while failing to support their GOP opponents.

That’s not “business.”  That’s personal.


“Who you walk with says much about who you are.” – Veteran GOP strategist Richard Viguerie

Ms. Chattah is an Israeli-born Las Vegas attorney running for the Republican nomination for Nevada Attorney General

Not Ready for Prime Time: “Tish the Squish” Fumbles on Nevada Newsmakers

Not Ready for Prime Time: “Tish the Squish” Fumbles on Nevada Newsmakers

 (Sigal Chattah) – Tisha Black, my GOP primary opponent in the Nevada attorney general’s race, just did her first interview with Sam Shad on Nevada Newsmakers.  And it did not go well; definitely not ready for prime time.

Right out of the gate, “Tish the Squish” demonstrated how she’s good at talking the talk, but not so great at walking the walk.  On the issue of taxes, she said…

“As a businesswoman of 25 years, I really understand how taxes and policies affect the bottom line, affects businesses and affects communities.”

Well, if she really understood how taxes affect businesses and Nevada citizens, she’d put her money where her mouth is and, as I have, sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to “oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

She hasn’t.  I wonder why not?

Then, after complaining about me getting so much attention over the past two years by successfully fighting Gov. Steve Sisolak’s shutdowns and COVID mandates, Shad asked if she’d be willing to come back on the show and debate me.

Tish was clearly uncomfortable answering the question, which she apparently was unprepared for.  After gently chiding Shad for asking her the question on-air, she responded, “Yes, I would.”  To which Shad responded, “OK, very good.”

But then “The Squish” immediately went squishy, adding: “Time permitting.”

Shad, a veteran at dealing with such equivocation from politicians, assured her he would “make the time for you, that’s for sure.”

And so will I!

Tish was then asked to detail the kinds of legal work she does as an attorney.  She rattled off some examples of contract law and regulatory cases she handles for businesses…but somehow managed to omit any mention of her work in the marijuana industry.

Shad caught her evasion and brought it up.

But in answering the pot question, Tish chose not to mention the fact that her family is DEEPLY invested in marijuana dispensaries and conveniently failed to note that, until she decided to jump into the AG’s race just two months ago, she was the president of the Nevada Dispensary Association.

That, of course, raises serious conflict-of-interest concerns.  No wonder she chose not to disclose it.

Tish then went on to make a rather bizarre claim about the illegal marijuana market in Nevada now that dispensaries are legal…

“Um, the black market has actually raised its prices and they’ve actually been advertising on billboards.”

Huh?  Illegal street dealers are advertising on billboards?  Seriously?

But if true (doubtful), why didn’t she do anything as president of the marijuana association to report those billboards and get them taken down?

On to Sisolak’s handling of COVID…

“The mask mandate, obviously, is something I have a problem with,” The Squish ventured.  “Uh, uh, and, and I, I guess, I don’t think that is, um, the place of government to be that intricately involved in this physicality.”

So…the government did it…she says she has a problem with it…but she didn’t DO anything about it.  “Thank you, sir.  May I have another?”

Shad then asked her about concerns Republicans have about her history of making substantial contributions to Democrats, and my reference to her as a “progressive plant” in this race.

“It’s ridiculous, because I’m a business person,” The Squish replied.  “As business people, you know, we, we, it’s not, it’s not unusual at all for business people to get to know their politicians by trying to make, you know, donations to them or, um, at least have a seat at the table when you’re trying to talk about policy or craft things, right? I, I think, that, the ‘progressive plant’ is, you know…I don’t even play in the sandbox. I’m not going to live in Sigal’s sandbox.”

Glad to see I’m living rent-free in her head!  But here’s the thing…

Tish maxed out to Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada’s 2016 U.S. Senate race ($5,000).  In that same race, she donated ZERO to the Republican candidate, then-Rep. Joe Heck.

Now bear in mind, this was an election in which The Cook Political Report, the Rothenberg Political Report and Real Clear Politics all listed the race as a “Toss Up” going into election day.

So if your excuse is that business people give donations to Democrats to “get to know their politicians” and “have a seat at the table,” why would you NOT also donate to the GOP candidate, a sitting member of Congress, who was running neck-and-neck with the Democrat in the race?

Also, in the 2012 race for Assembly District 37, Tish donated to the Democrat candidate, Marcus Conklin, but not the Republican candidate, Wes Duncan.

And in the 2014 race for Nevada attorney general, Tish donated to the Democrat candidate, Ross Miller, but not to GOP candidate Adam Laxalt.

Frankly, it’s Tisha’s excuse for donating to Democrats that’s “ridiculous.”

She didn’t donate to the Democrat candidates because it was a business decision and she was covering her bets.  It was because she preferred the liberal Democrat candidates over the conservative Republican ones.

She’s a “progressive plant.”  A trans-Republican (Democrat who “identifies” as a Republican).

But this last point is probably the thing GOP primary voters should be most concerned about…

When Shad pressed her on the fact that “politics ain’t beanbags” and questioned if she had the stomach for a tough race, Tish replied, “I’m no wilting lily.”

But earlier in the interview, when Shad asked what problems she had with Aaron Ford, Tish replied…

“Well, let’s…let’s be clear.  Um…I don’t…I’m not…I’m not going to be a nasty politician.  I don’t have any problems personally with Aaron Ford.”


I gotta tell you, I have a LOT of problems with Aaron Ford…

  • He defended Sisolak’s “Declaration of Emergency”
  • He defended Sisolak’s shutdown orders
  • He defended Sisolak’s mask mandates
  • He defended the Democrats unconstitutional tax hike in 2019
  • He supported the Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioters
  • He supports soft-on-crime “social justice” reforms
  • He supports race-based discrimination/affirmative action
  • He supports illegal immigration
  • He supports abortion on demand
  • He supports gun control
  • He opposes the death penalty
  • He opposes school choice
  • He opposes election security reforms
  • He endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (look where that’s gotten us!)
  • And he plays the race card…every…chance…he…gets.

And Tisha doesn’t have any problems personally with that?!!

Look, I get it.  She’s sugar, she’s spice, she’s everything nice.  She’s blond, she’s cute, and at parties she’s a hoot.

But she’s not tough.  She’s not a fighter.  She’s afraid of confrontation.

Aaron Ford, who she has no problems with, would make mincemeat out of her in the general election.  She’ll go down faster than the Titanic.

If Republicans want someone who will play nice in the sandbox and give Ford another four years in office (leading up to his gubernatorial run in 2026), Tish is your gal.

If Republicans want someone not afraid to fight and scrap and slug it out against Ford and the still-remaining Harry Reid political machine, then I ask for your vote.

In the end…it’s your choice.


“Since (Tisha) Black announced her candidacy in February, (Sigal) Chattah has worked to assert herself as the true Republican. She’s called into question Black’s loyalty to the party via Twitter, calling her a ‘#DemPlant.’” – Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez, 5/15/22

“I’m not so much a party person as I am a ‘person’ person.  To me, the far right and the far left are the same. … You must always work to open the compromise door.” – Tish “The Squish” Black, MyVegas Magazine, April 2019

“Word on the [street] is that my opponent and her RINO (Republican in Name Only) team are telling Carson City lobbyists that I’m a ‘radical’ Republican. Not maxing out (in donations) to Harry Reid, Steve Sisolak and Catherine [Cortez] Masto doesn’t make me ‘radical’, it makes me a Republican. I question whether @TishaBlack is though.” – Sigal Chattah

Ms. Chattah is an Israeli-born Las Vegas attorney running for the Republican nomination for Nevada Attorney General

Sisolak: Make Cheating Easier, Catching Fraud Harder

Sisolak: Make Cheating Easier, Catching Fraud Harder

(Sigal Chattah) – This morning, Democrat Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak wrote in an email…

“Nevada Republicans are pushing two ballot initiatives to roll back the right to vote!  If they get away with it, both in-person voting and mail-in voting would be harder.”

That’s just a flat-out lie.

The first initiative would simply require voters to present a photo ID before voting – just as people do now to cash a check, board a plane, buy a beer or rent a room on the Strip.

And the idea that “poor people” can’t get a photo ID is nothing but an old wives’ tale.  Special accommodations can and would be made for anyone who can’t afford a photo ID.

The second initiative simply repeals measures Democrats passed in the last legislative session that make it easier to cheat – automatic mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting.

Nevadans have always had the ability to vote-by-mail for any reason – or for no reason at all – by simply requesting an absentee ballot.  Democrats want to automatically mail ballots to people who don’t want one – unnecessarily raising the chances for voting fraud.

Ballot harvesting – or, more accurately, ballot trafficking – allows political operatives to collect ballots from vulnerable voters, especially senior citizens, and turn them in to the election office.

This practice is so ripe for potential fraud or intimidation that it was actually a FELONY until Democrats changed the law last year.

The truth is, it’s extremely easy and convenient to vote in Nevada.

Voters can vote on Election Day in person.  Voters can vote early at various “Early Voting” sites for two full weeks leading up to Election Day.  And voters who do not wish to vote in person can request a mail-in ballot.

Returning our voting options to the pre-COVID system wouldn’t make it harder to vote; it would make it harder to cheat.  And how could anyone other than a cheater support that?

Election security is critical to preserving the integrity of our constitutional republic.

That’s why I not only support both initiatives, but am also spearheading defending voter integrity by representing the sponsor of the initiatives against Hillary Clinton’s lawyers who have sued to chaotically destroy voter integrity in Nevada.

Meanwhile, the campaign consultants for my GOP primary opponent, Tisha Black, are the same consultants who were in charge of election security for the 2020 elections and blew it…big time.

Tish the Squish herself, as with other issues, has been invisible in this fight.  She hasn’t even talked about it, let alone done anything about it.

Republican primary voters have a clear choice in the GOP primary for Attorney General: Someone who’s been in the arena duking it out with Sisolak and the Dems or someone’s who’s been sitting in the peanut gallery watching the parade go by.

If you want a constitutionalist fighter in the AG’s office, rather than a spectating compromiser and appeaser, I’d appreciate your vote on June 14.


P.S.  A “push poll” is being circulated in Nevada via text messages on the Attorney General’s race.  It provides brief biographical information about me, Tisha Black and Democrat incumbent Aaron Ford.

But get this…

After reading through the bios, the push-poll the asks “if the election for Nevada Attorney General were today, for which candidate would you vote?”

The choices are “Tisha Black,” “Aaron Ford,” “None of these” or “Undecided.”

They don’t even include my name!

This push-poll is clearly being conducted by supporters of Tisha Black and you can bet they’ll eventually publish a report claiming she’s the best candidate to take on Ford…since no one was even able to choose me in the poll!

Talk about dishonest.

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“If the Biden administration was a TV show, it would be called Welcome Back Carter.” – Patrick Cormac

Ms. Chattah is a Las Vegas-based attorney running for the 2022 Republican nomination for Nevada Attorney General.

Game On! Chattah Files for Attorney General, Blasts Ford and Black

Game On! Chattah Files for Attorney General, Blasts Ford and Black


(Las Vegas, NV) – Exactly two years after the Sisolak Shutdown, Republican Las Vegas attorney Sigal Chattah officially filed today as a candidate for Nevada attorney general, the seat currently held by Democrat Aaron Ford.  She’ll first square off against attorney Tisha Black in the June GOP primary.

“What we have in this race,” Chattah said, “is a Democrat attorney general who’s been carrying Gov. Sisolak’s water in court to strip Nevadans of basic constitutional rights, and a last-minute primary challenger who’s been missing in action since she lost her county commission race in 2018.  Nevadans and Republicans deserve better.”

Chattah noted that while she has filed numerous lawsuits, pro bono, challenging Sisolak’s abuse of “emergency” powers related to COVID, Ford has been on the other side, not representing the people, but his political patron whose job he wants in 2026.

“While Aaron Ford has been using his office to build his political future, I’ve been in court building cases against Sisolak’s authoritarian one-man-rule,” Chattah continued, “including successfully forcing Ford and Sisolak to fully re-open Nevada’s churches just 10 days before Christmas in 2020.”

Chattah pointed out that while she’s been slugging it out with the Sisolak/Ford administration over mask and vaccine mandates, her primary opponent has sat on the sidelines and devoted her time in court defending her family’s various marijuana businesses.

“I’ve been actively campaigning all across the state for the last year,” Chattah noted. “Tisha, on the other hand and at the behest of the Republican establishment, parachuted into the race just last month.

“While I’ve been fighting Sisolak and Ford every step of the way,” Chattah continued, “Tisha’s been sitting on the sidelines watching the parade go by.  Sorry, but with basic constitutional rights under constant attack, these times call for a fighter, not a spectator.”

Chattah noted that Black ran as a “moderate” in her failed Clark County commission race in 2018 and has contributed large donations over the years to Democrats Sisolak, Harry Reid and Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

“Republicans are going to have a clear choice in the June primary,” Chattah concluded.  “They can nominate as their champion an independent, outspoken, proven warrior who’s already successfully gone toe to toe with the Sisolak/Ford regime, or they can nominate a soft-and-sweet puppet who will do as she’s told by the Democrats she’s been funding for the last ten years.

“I trust the voters will see through the attack ads bound to come from Black’s handlers and get the nominee who can actually win in November.”

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