An Experienced Legal Mind

A practicing attorney for 20 years, Sigal Chattah will put her experience to work and be guided by the law and the Constitutions of the United States and Nevada, not partisan politics or special interests. Sigal never has and never will be held under pressure by any outside group; she has taken on the government and ill-mannered parties left and right, and she’s ready and able to work for us, the People.

With her decades of experience, knowing Nevadan law and precedent inside-and-out, Sigal pledges to:

  • Protect Nevadans’ lawful right to keep and bear arms under the U.S. and Nevadan Constitutions

  • Defend the right to freedom of conscience and religious practice whenever, wherever

  • Uphold the Constitutional rights to peaceable assembly and petition the government for a redress of grievances, so our voice can always be heard


Nevada’s Foremost Legal Advocate

Sigal Chattah has, does, and will continue to stand up for all Nevadans and hold herself accountable to them, not the President or Governor. The Attorney General is elected by you, the People of Nevada, not appointed by any higher office. Corruption is unacceptable and waste, incompetence, and malice against the People, families, workers, businesses, and students of Nevada will not be tolerated by Sigal’s office.

In keeping with her history of public service, Sigal pledges to:

  • Fight for the little guy against big government and big corporations, because she knows what it takes to start and operate a small business

  • Protect Nevadans from prescription drug price gouging, which we see Big Pharma all-too-complicit in

  • End the corruption, backroom deals, and the “good ol’ boys network” that have allowed the current Attorney General to deliver a contract worth up to $350 million to his former law firm


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